Frizzled Onions (Tobacco Onions)

Frizzled Onions

I use these addictive fried onions as a garnish for all kinds of dishes. They are the ultimate embellishment to soups, chiles, burgers, rice pilafs, and even mashed potatoes. But one person I know (hey, you know who he is), BEGS me to make them for him for no reason at all and then proceeds to […]

Pumpkin Spice Granola Clusters

True granola clusters. Not microscopic granola clusters. Not a few granola clusters. But an entire batch of big beautiful granola clusters.

Get ready for true granola clusters. Not microscopic granola clusters that break apart in your hand. Not a few granola clusters in here and there. But an entire batch of big beautiful granola clusters, fragrant with pumpkin butter and fall spices.

Chinese Cracker Jacks

Chinese Cracker Jacks

Many moons ago, as director of the Yankee Kitchen Cooking Schools, I had the opportunity to work with the inestimable Barbra Tropp of the China Moon Café in San Francisco. She came to Seattle to teach a series of classes for the school and the first thing she wanted when she arrived was a whirlwind shopping tour of Chinatown.

Caramelized Ancho Chile & Cinnamon Almonds

Caramelized Ancho Chile & Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds Closeup

Are you ready for one of the most spectacular desserts I have ever made? How about Fried Banana Split with Mexican Bittersweet Chocolate Chile Sauce, Strawberry Mint Salsa, and Caramelized Ancho Chile Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds?

I flipped on my first bite of this dessert and on each subsequent bite, until I was left with only an empty plate and a serious thought of licking it. I think this is one dessert that you are going to LOVE!

Candied Lemon Peel

Candied Lemon Peel

I have been wanting to make Candied Lemon Peel forever. If you have tasted the preservative-laden candied citron available in the typical grocery store, you understand why I had to make my own. There must be a better candied lemon peel product somewhere, but I haven’t found it.