LunaCafe Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies

Here it is, at long last. Our FIRST eBook! Or more specifically, our first iBook for the iPad. This would have never happened without the technical talent and dogged perseverance of my forever-and-ever best friend, aka LoveMan, aka MauiJim. After photographing and eating three seasons of Christmas cookies, he began scheming on getting the best of them into this book. I didn’t expect anything so beautiful and am still amazed by the result. I hope you will be too.

And now you can hear all about this adventure:

Holiday cookies with this much verve and razzmatazz could only come from the LunaCafe OtherWorldly Kitchen, where solid technique, exotic flavor pairings, and the thrill of creating something magical are always intertwined in the most delicious way.

These twelve very special recipes are the best-of-the-best in flavor, texture, and overall appeal–honed over many years of obsessive testing and tasting by yours truly.

No ho-hum Christmas cookies here. Instead, you’ll encounter a festive world of interesting shaping techniques, evocative spice blends, and memorable flavors and textures. Santa is going to be mighty happy visiting your house this year!

Format: iBook for the iPad

Price: $3.99

Location: Get it here 

Screenshots from the iBook

Chinese Five Spice Butter Cookie Recipe

Baharat Butter Cookies

Candy Cane Butter Cookies

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