Hood Canal Manila Clams with Spicy Orange Cilantro Butter

Hood Canal Manila Clams with Spicy Orange Cilantro Butter

There is nothing I love more in the summer than exploring the hundreds of farmers markets that blanket the Northwest. They pop up everywhere, along roadsides, in parking lots, in front yards, in small towns, and in big cities.

Smoky Spanish Zarzuela with Chorizo & Emmer Farro

Smoky Spanish Zarzuela

As much as I want to jump onto the spring bandwagon and create plate upon plate of bright, sprightly salads, it’s, well, much – too – COLD. So today instead of turning to the beautiful bunches of chickweed, sunflower seed sprouts, and baby arugula that are overflowing the frig, I found myself instead spellbound by two homely little chorizo sausages. I started thinking about their savory, smoky flavor, and the next thing that popped into my mind was HOT SOUP. But not just any hot soup mind you, a Spanish soup called Zarzuela.

Northwest Fresh: April 2009


Every year, I rush to Seattle’s Pike Place Market (PPM) in March, expecting to be greeted by a jubilant array of local vegetables, tulips, and daffodils. The tulips and daffodils are always there, and this year is no exception. They are over-the-top magnificent. The local vegetables though are never anywhere to be seen. I know this will be the case, but I can never quite believe it.