Rhubarb Rose Petal Caramel Syrup + 4 Variations

Fresh Rhubarb Roundup: Rhubarb Rose Petal Caramel Syrup

One of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate a simple dessert to epicurean heights is to add a brightly colored, brightly flavored dessert syrup. You can serve a dessert syrup over ice cream or gelato, alongside panna cotta or baked custard, with tea cakes, or as the key flavoring of an Italian soda, lemonade, or limeade (recipe below).

Blueberry, Lime & Rose Petal Cheesecake

Slice of Blueberry, Lime & Rose Petal Cheesecake

Long, long ago, in a far, far away land (okay, it was Phinney Ridge near the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle), I was the co-owner of a cheesecake business called the Uncommon Cheesecake. My partner and I baked the most extraordinary cheesecakes I have ever tasted, before or since: Grand Marnier with Bitter Orange, Candied Ginger, and Café Mocha to name a few I can recall.

Luscious White Chocolate and Raspberry Rose Petal Cheesecake

LunaCafe's Luscious White Chocolate & Raspberry Rose Petal Cheesecake for Valentine's Day

My original version of this cheesecake was topped simply with white chocolate shavings, but for Valentine’s Day this year I am adding a raspberry rose petal topping. It really sends the dessert over the moon for me. I mean: Raspberries! White Chocolate! Rose Petals! Together!

Green Tea & Rose Spritz

Green Tea and Rose Spritz

An elegant holiday cookie with a lovely pale green tint and haunting flavor.